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In-Stat says charging of mobile devices has a market potential of $4.3 billion by 2014

The market for wireless charging systems "will reach $4.3 billion in total market revenue by 2014," according to In-Stat. This is due to the combined growth of mobile devices and the increasing consumer aggravation with charging solutions.

As the market grows, charging stations are being developed so that touching or being within the proximity of that station will allow you to charge your mobile device – ranging from handsets to PCs.

In-Stat’s chief technology strategist said: “Despite the long history of the various technologies, we are really just now beginning to see the true market potential for wireless charging solutions… it will start with add-on and third party solutions.”

In-Stat’s research, “Cut the Cord: Mobile Wireless Charging systems Analysis and Forecast” (#IN1004855WH), found:
– Approximately 44% of survey respondents found current mobile charging solutions are an annoyance. Up to 40% are willing to pay $50 more for a wireless charging solution, depending on the mobile device
– As with other technologies, prices are expected to degrade rapidly to about half of current pricing by 2014
– Tightly coupled inductive charging systems are expected to be the early market leader
– Of the integrated charging solutions, over two-thirds are expected to be in cars


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